Ritualistic refers to something that is done in a way that is designed to have a special effect. Some people might use the word to describe the way that people dress or the way that they eat.

  • The ritualistic way of cooking is very interesting.

  • The ritualistic way that she dresses is very stylish.

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Example Sentences for ritualistic

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    Ritualistic child abuse investigation.

  • 2

    Probably it was a tribal ritualistic religion.

  • 3

    It is now ready for ritualistic use.

  • 4

    The ritualist is generally passive in this regard.

  • 5

    Even our dislike and mockery is ritualistic.

  • 6

    He had a reputation as an excellent ritualist.

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    Ritualistic child abuse in a neighborhood setting.

  • 8

    Most of the art forms of the Pulluvar are ritualistic.

  • 9

    Myth ritualism and Myth ritualist redirect there.

  • 10

    An almost eerie ritualistic calm prevails.