When you risk something, you are putting your safety at risk. You might risk your money by gambling, or you might risk your life by jumping off a bridge.

  • He risked his life by swimming to the island.

  • She risked her reputation by writing that article.

Definition of risked


To incur risk of (something).


To incur risk of harming or jeopardizing.


To incur risk as a result of (doing something).

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Example Sentences for risked

  • 1

    The site is secure and secluded so as minimise the risk of vandalism.

  • 2

    He risked all of his money on the big adventure.

  • 3

    It is a tradeoff between the risk and the cost of mitigating that risk.

  • 4

    It puts children at increased risk for mental health problems including anxiety and general psychological maladjustment.

  • 5

    It is at risk of extirpation in Canada.

  • 6

    Perhaps it's the risk, the gamble.

  • 7

    The risk of stagflation increases.

  • 8

    The risks outweigh the benefits.

  • 9

    They willingly accepted the risk.

  • 10

    This is the systemic risk to the portfolio.