To ripen is to grow or develop. When a fruit or vegetable is ripe, it is ready to be eaten.

  • The fruit will ripen over the next few days.

  • The fruit will ripen over the next week.

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Example Sentences for ripen

  • 1

    The fruit ripen during the summer.

  • 2

    The fruits ripen at the end of October.

  • 3

    The fruits ripen during the summer.

  • 4

    Fruit ripens in the months of November to April.

  • 5

    It can be used commercially for the ripening of climacteric fruits.

  • 6

    Fruits ripen towards the end of the next summer.

  • 7

    The fruit will ripen in October in the more northern climates.

  • 8

    The fruit of the tree ripens early and has a tart flavor.

  • 9

    The leaves go dormant in summer before the fruits ripen.

  • 10

    Drupes ripen to red in the fall.