To rigorously is to do something in a very strict and careful way. If you're rigorous about your studies, you take the time to learn everything that you can.

  • The teacher is rigorous about the rules, and she is not going to let anyone disobey her.

  • The students were not rigorous about their studies, and they were not able to pass the test.

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Example Sentences for rigorously

  • 1

    I'm impressed with the rigor of the system.

  • 2

    It does not have to be rigorous and foolproof.

  • 3

    Rigorous references are the rule, not the exception.

  • 4

    The article lacks scientific rigor.

  • 5

    The consequence of this was the lack of a rigorous science.

  • 6

    The references are the most rigorous and independent.

  • 7

    The tests were rigorous and fair.

  • 8

    There were comments on the rigor and thoroughness.

  • 9

    Kudos to all for watching the rigor and the debate.

  • 10

    I was speaking to the rigor of my research.