To revolutionize something is to change it completely. When the government starts to revolutionize, they are changing the way that the country is run.

  • The government is trying to revolutionize the education system.

  • The company is trying to revolutionize the way that they do business.

Definition of revolutionize


change radically


overturn, revolutionise


fill with revolutionary ideas


inspire, revolutionise


overthrow by a revolution, of governments

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Example Sentences for revolutionize

  • 1

    It can revolutionize the proliferation of knowledge.

  • 2

    Computer was predicted to revolutionize the world.

  • 3

    The rest of Texas was quickly revolutionized.

  • 4

    The theory revolutionized the Earth sciences.

  • 5

    Can technology revolutionize African elections

  • 6

    The new chair tries to revolutionize the country.

  • 7

    The remarkable polymer will revolutionize bulletproof vests.

  • 8

    He will revolutionize the world according to the ideology of Islam.

  • 9

    Did he revolutionize the printing of phamplets on contraception

  • 10

    The cell revolutionized the science of astronomical photoelectric photometry.