Reverberant means that something has a sound that is constantly being repeated. The sound of the waves is reverberant, because it is always being repeated.

  • The reverberant sound of the waves was very relaxing.

  • The reverberant sound of the music made me feel uncomfortable.

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Example Sentences for reverberant

  • 1

    The effects would reverberate for years.

  • 2

    The sound reverberated in the closed room.

  • 3

    Echoes of cries reverberate in my heart.

  • 4

    Both the government and the people felt the tremendous reverberations.

  • 5

    The amount of reverberation is controlled at the sound mixing board.

  • 6

    The concept of a reverberation chambers is comparable to a microwave oven.

  • 7

    The documentary examines a local conflict that reverberated nationally.

  • 8

    Many of the electric instruments feature a recognizable reverberation effect.

  • 9

    His voice is heard clearly through the cube with reverberation.

  • 10

    From the impulse response, the reverberation time can be calculated.