To overhaul or revamp something is to completely change or improve it. You might overhaul your home or office to make it more comfortable and stylish.

  • They are revamping the entire website.

  • She wants to revamp her image and start wearing more fashionable clothes.

Definition of revamping


To renovate, revise, improve or renew.


ameliorate, improve, modernize, patch, renovate


(gerund of revamp) An act in which something is revamped

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Example Sentences for revamping

  • 1

    They are going to revamp their website.

  • 2

    It needs to revamp the analogy of racism.

  • 3

    It took a while to revamp the entire house.

  • 4

    I revamped the top portion of the page.

  • 5

    He revamped his house by himself.

  • 6

    He has a skill to revamp the interior.

  • 7

    After the season, they were forced to revamp the team.

  • 8

    How much did it cost to revamp the terrace

  • 9

    The other parts of the article definitely need to be revamped.

  • 10

    When did you revamp your room