When two people are reunited, they are finally able to meet again after being apart for a long time. Sometimes this reunion is happy, and sometimes it's not.

  • They were finally reunited after being separated for five years.

  • They were reunited after being separated for two days.

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Example Sentences for reunited

  • 1

    Duffy will be reunited with an old pal.

  • 2

    The two are reunited and the film ends.

  • 3

    The two reunite in a heartfelt embrace.

  • 4

    Collins will try to reunite with his wife.

  • 5

    The twins reunite eventually and find the chalice.

  • 6

    The two reunite, but are interrupted by a pack of wildebeests.

  • 7

    Eurhythmics reunited during 1999 and released Peace.

  • 8

    He and the Lady are reunited, and a short intermission plays.

  • 9

    This led to fragmentation of the band, but the band reunited in 2003.

  • 10

    Later in the novel, Yevgenia and Krymov reunite and rekindle their love.