When two groups of people are reunited, they are finally able to be together again after being separated for a long time.

  • The refugees were finally reunited with their families after being separated for months.

  • The two groups of animals were finally reunited after being separated for years.

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Example Sentences for reunified

  • 1

    It is the campaign to reunify the empire.

  • 2

    They wanted to reunify the empire.

  • 3

    Can Obama reunify a divided people

  • 4

    It's the best way to reunify the two Koreas.

  • 5

    Czechs, Slovaks symbolically reunify cabinet.

  • 6

    Germany scrambled to reconfirm those agreements the moment it reunified.

  • 7

    The estates were reunified on the death of the last of the Vernons in 1476.

  • 8

    The federal government's scheme to reunify families faster is working.

  • 9

    The policy of the UN is to reunify both communities under a federal structure.

  • 10

    The winner of this bout reunifies the weight division as sole world champion.