To restructures is to change or improve the way that something is organized or managed. When a company restructures, they usually take things like the size of the company, the way that the company is run, and the products that the company sells and change them.

  • The company is restructuring, which is why there are so many changes happening.

  • The company is restructuring its business model, which is why there are so many changes happening.

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Example Sentences for restructures

  • 1

    The show was restructured.

  • 2

    The scope of the restructured programme was broad.

  • 3

    The company doesn't need to restructure itself.

  • 4

    The company has plans to restructure the site.

  • 5

    IMF questions their plan to restructure Greek debt.

  • 6

    Staubach calls for Jones to restructure front office.

  • 7

    The aim of the restructuring is to put the issues more precisely.

  • 8

    In order to restructure, the UK would cost $3 million.

  • 9

    The company said the layoff was part of its global restructuring.

  • 10

    The new hybrid model of journalism restructures the flow of information.