Resonating means to have a powerful or meaningful effect on someone or something. When you say something resonates with you, you mean that it makes you think or feel the same thing that the person or thing is feeling.

  • The speech resonated with the audience, and they were moved to tears.

  • The song resonated with her, and she found herself singing along.

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Example Sentences for resonating

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    Is the orbital resonance the only characteristic

  • 2

    The strings add the four resonances.

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    The vibration energy is resonated by the thorax.

  • 4

    In this situation, the natural resonance of the string is irrelevant.

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    GOP is angry that the message didn't resonate.

  • 6

    The acrimony still resonates within the region.

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    The application of resonance improves the situation somewhat.

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    The biblical cadence of these words resonates in memory.

  • 9

    The interferometer measures resonant frequency of the cantilever.

  • 10

    The length of the element determines the resonant frequency.