To rescale something is to make it smaller or bigger. If you rescale a picture, you make it smaller so that you can see it better.

  • The picture was rescaled so that it was easier to see.

  • The computer has a rescale button, which you can use to make the text smaller.

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Example Sentences for rescale

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    Since the four solutions diverge at , it makes sense to rescale .

  • 2

    Recent work has sought to rescale the concept of an ecological community.

  • 3

    One can always rescale the time increment so that this is correct.

  • 4

    It doesn't rescale when I change the text size either.

  • 5

    Doing so would also rescale the meaning of a, but that doesn't seem a problem.

  • 6

    The point is that the units you get depend on what you choose to rescale.

  • 7

    So, I built a bot to go through and rescale some elligable files.