To replicate something is to make a copy of it. You can replicate a document, a picture, or a piece of music.

  • They replicated the study in different countries to make sure the results were accurate.

  • They replicated the experiment three times to make sure that the results were accurate.

Definition of replicate


make or do or perform again


double, duplicate, reduplicate, repeat


reproduce or make an exact copy of




bend or turn backward



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Example Sentences for replicate

  • 1

    It inhibits the replication of DNA.

  • 2

    Polyomaviruses replicate in the nucleus of the host.

  • 3

    The production does not replicate the original.

  • 4

    The replication defies the laws of probability.

  • 5

    This replicates the older books of the bible.

  • 6

    All the viral replication occurs in the cytoplasm.

  • 7

    It refers specifically to the division and replication of the nucleus.

  • 8

    Emulation is the replicating of functionality of an obsolete system.

  • 9

    The council is a replication of the State Legislative Assembly.

  • 10

    The ethos of the web is to link and not to replicate data.