Repaying something is giving something back to someone. When you repay a debt, you are giving the person who you owe the money back.

  • The company is repaying its debt by giving back money to the customers.

  • The company is repaying its debt by giving back money to the government.

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Example Sentences for repaying

  • 1

    The payment will later be increased to repay the shortfall.

  • 2

    The people voted against repaying the debt.

  • 3

    The obligations to pay and repay must be encouraged on ethnic compulsion.

  • 4

    Valdemar sought to repay the debt and reclaim the lands of Denmark.

  • 5

    She was also ordered to repay the full amount of her overpayment.

  • 6

    To repay the loan, Jiro decides to go to Hokkaido to work as a laborer.

  • 7

    Heritage gave notice to Genel of its election to repay the loan and the cash calls.

  • 8

    City officials say United Airlines will repay $5.6 million in tax incentives the company received for redevelopment.

  • 9

    Athens would have found it impossible to repay the 5 billion lpar;$6.4 billion rpar; treasury bill maturing on Friday.

  • 10

    So when Hurricane Isaac set his eye on Louisiana, she was here in a blink, ready to repay a random kindness you'll hear more about later.