To be reinvigorated is to be brought back to life, to be made new again. When a company is reinvigorated, it is usually because it has a new leader who is able to bring new ideas and energy to the organization.

  • The company was reinvigorated when the new leader was hired.

  • The new president is reinvigorating the company by introducing new ideas.

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Example Sentences for reinvigorated

  • 1

    It's reinvigorating and calming at the same time.

  • 2

    I hope the discussion is reinvigorated.

  • 3

    I wonder how to reinvigorate it.

  • 4

    Randy seems to have reinvigorated it.

  • 5

    Other Slayers are reinvigorated as well.

  • 6

    Accordingly, she hoped to reinvigorate it.

  • 7

    These two events reinvigorated the rebellion.

  • 8

    This change reinvigorated Cymbal's career.

  • 9

    Having pix for the RMoP locos will reinvigorate that.

  • 10

    This expansion reinvigorated the Kansas city organization.