A reinforcement is something that helps to encourage or motivate someone. It can be anything from a positive comment to a gift.

  • The reinforcement was a gift, which made the employee feel a lot better.

  • The reinforcement was a positive comment, which helped to encourage her to continue working hard.

Definition of reinforcer


(psychology) a stimulus that strengthens or weakens the behavior that produced it


reinforcement, reinforcing stimulus

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Example Sentences for reinforcer

  • 1

    Notice the reinforcement in the front.

  • 2

    It was the last true reinforcement of the ramparts.

  • 3

    The other corners of the container are reinforced.

  • 4

    The reinforcement material is embedded into the matrix.

  • 5

    It serves to reinforce the arrogant tone of the inscription.

  • 6

    It was armored and reinforced to support the weight of the mount.

  • 7

    Is there sensitization to drug reinforcement or potential for psychosis

  • 8

    It also fought for the reinforcement of the democratic institutions.

  • 9

    Fair or not, the slip reinforces a priggish image.

  • 10

    The sibilant s sound reinforces the image.