To reignite something is to start it again, to make it work again. If a fire is reignited, the flames can start to spread again.

  • The fire was reignited when the spark from the lighter hit the flammable material.

  • The team tried to reignite the game by getting the other team off their game.

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Example Sentences for reignite

  • 1

    The commercial exposure reignited the scene.

  • 2

    There is no need to reignite it in the infobox.

  • 3

    Positioned to help reignite the economy.

  • 4

    There was no reason for this to reignite the whole RfC.

  • 5

    I tried to reignite it but still no one.

  • 6

    So here's another attempt to reignite it.

  • 7

    This infuriated the population of Bohol and reignited the insurrection.

  • 8

    I have no wish to pile on or reignite things.

  • 9

    Also, I'm not eager to reignite the previous disputes.

  • 10

    However I don't want reignite an old feud.