To regrow something is to grow it back. If you cut a tree down, it will usually take a few years for the tree to regrow.

  • The tree will usually regrow within two years if it's cut down in the right place.

  • The tree will usually regrow within a few months if it's cut down in the wrong place.

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    However, don't go and abrade down into the live flesh, or they will regrow.

  • 2

    Residual melanocytes regrow into the scar.

  • 3

    Cervical polyps are unlikely to regrow.

  • 4

    Oz bush is DESIGNED to burn and regrow.

  • 5

    If the shrimp's rostrum is broken off, it will regrow.

  • 6

    If this does not happen, this species will regrow a shoot.

  • 7

    It will also regrow in environments ravaged by wildfire.

  • 8

    But it is now know that they can regrow their hair.

  • 9

    A fetus that loses a limb can regrow it.

  • 10

    A new set of antlers will then regrow in the spring.