To regret something is to feel bad about it. You might regret choosing to do something, or you might regret the outcome of something that you did.

  • I regret not going to the party.

  • I regret coming home so late.

Definition of regretting


To feel sorry about (a thing that has or has not happened), afterthink: to wish that a thing had not happened, that something else had happened instead.


(more generally) To feel sorry about (any thing).


To miss; to feel the loss or absence of.


The act by which something is regretted.

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Example Sentences for regretting

  • 1

    You will regret it if you miss this show.

  • 2

    Lovers don't regret the petty follies that they commit.

  • 3

    I am guilty of this myself, and I regret being part of the problem.

  • 4

    It is regretful, and the article will suffer.

  • 5

    It's no use to regret afterwards..

  • 6

    That is very regretful and discouraging.

  • 7

    Always finis of love is regretful.

  • 8

    I regret the minimal misapprehension.

  • 9

    I regret the removal of the image.

  • 10

    If not, it will be regretful, because the subject is vital.