A reductionist is someone who only considers the small parts of a problem and ignores the big picture. This can lead to problems because it's sometimes difficult to solve problems that are reduced down to a small number of pieces.

  • The reductionist approach to solving the problem was not successful.

  • The reductionist approach to solving the problem was based on the wrong assumptions.

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    The Generalist by the Reductionist.

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    Lists like these are simplistic and reductionist.

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    It shows the poverty of reductionist thinking.

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    The first comment is absurd and reductionist.

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    This is finer and finer reductionist thinking.

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    Scientism is the religion of reductionist scientific materialism.

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    Such a reductionist stance is equally as untenible as the prior.

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    A reductionist theory is about the behavior of parts.

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    CBT has a positivist reductionist philosophy.

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    A contrast to the reductionist approach is holism or emergentism.