Recurve means to bend or to curve back. When a bow is recurved, the bowstring pulls the bow back towards the archer.

  • The bow was recurved, which made it stronger and easier to hold.

  • The recurve of the door made it difficult for anyone to get in.

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Example Sentences for recurve

  • 1

    In this species these are highly recurved.

  • 2

    A longbow is not significantly recurved.

  • 3

    The fingers are elongated and recurved.

  • 4

    They are depicted with recurve bows.

  • 5

    The minute apex is slightly recurved.

  • 6

    There, it moved to the northwest, then recurved to the northeast.

  • 7

    Instead, it recurved east and made landfall.

  • 8

    Emmy recurved back to the northwest on the 26th.

  • 9

    The Turkish bow is a recurved composite bow.

  • 10

    It also began to recurve to the north and then the northeast.