To recuperate is to recover from a sickness or injury. When you recuperate, you are able to heal your body and return to your normal life.

  • He was advised to recuperate at home, so that he could avoid any potential infection.

  • After she was injured in the accident, she had to recuperate for months before she was able to return to work.

Definition of recuperate


regain or make up for


recoup, recover


get over an illness or shock


convalesce, recover


regain a former condition after a financial loss


go back, recover


restore to good health or strength

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Example Sentences for recuperate

  • 1

    The man was recuperated from the disease.

  • 2

    He is home recuperating from the flu.

  • 3

    He was brought to the monastery of the Theatines to recuperate.

  • 4

    Curly had to leave the team to recuperate.

  • 5

    Leith was wounded in the action and sent home to recuperate.

  • 6

    The People's Army of Vietnam needed time to recuperate.

  • 7

    The concavity of the recuperation channel faces the filter element.

  • 8

    The division was withdrawn during the monsoon rains to recuperate.

  • 9

    After the war, the Choys were invited to England to recuperate.

  • 10

    He was sent to England and eventually the United States to recuperate.