To recreate something is to make it exactly the same as it was before. When you recreate a painting, you copy the original painting exactly.

  • He recreated the painting exactly the way it was before.

  • She recreated the cake recipe exactly, down to the last detail.

Definition of recreating


To give new life, energy or encouragement (to); to refresh, enliven.


To enjoy or entertain oneself.


To take recreation.


To create anew.

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Example Sentences for recreating

  • 1

    It is the place of recreation for the locals.

  • 2

    In the 1970s, it was recreated at the side of the intersection.

  • 3

    Children enjoyed recreation time.

  • 4

    The Panorama recreation center is in the community.

  • 5

    The author has recreated the article.

  • 6

    The major use of the river is recreational.

  • 7

    The recreation areas are to the northwest and the southeast.

  • 8

    The recreational building is the Mcclure center.

  • 9

    It is the cradle of physical and recreational training in the Army.

  • 10

    Isn't the goal of the order to recreate the room