To recombine is to combine different pieces of information together to make a new, more complex idea. When scientists recombine DNA molecules, they are creating new, genetically modified organisms.

  • The scientists are recombining the DNA to create a new virus.

  • The company is recombining different pieces of furniture to create a new chair.

Definition of recombine


cause genetic recombination


to combine or put together again


undergo genetic recombination

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Example Sentences for recombine

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    A mixer recombines the main path and the overtone path.

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    The hydrogen can then escape from the atmosphere and the oxygen recombines.

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    The recombined light out of the coil is modulated at acoustic frequency.

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    A recombinant protein is a protein that is derived from recombinant DNA.

  • 5

    Such recombinant changes in the non recombinant region of Y are extremely rare.

  • 6

    A recombinant protein is just the protein produced from recombinant DNA.

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    Fertilisation and genetic recombination.

  • 8

    Recombination detection program.

  • 9

    That's another reason to recombine.

  • 10

    Meiotic recombination checkpoint.