To reassure someone is to comfort them and to tell them that everything is going to be okay. When you reassure a child, you are trying to make them feel safe and secure.

  • The teacher reassured the student that she was doing a good job.

  • The nurse reassured the patient that she was going to be okay.

Definition of reassures


cause to feel sure; give reassurance to




give or restore confidence in; cause to feel sure or certain

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Example Sentences for reassures

  • 1

    The clergy's message was designed to reassure and encourage the crusaders.

  • 2

    Thanks for the reassurance.

  • 3

    Nevertheless the block is reassuring.

  • 4

    It gives reassurance to the reader.

  • 5

    The references are reassuring, anyways.

  • 6

    The tone is encyclopedic and reassuring.

  • 7

    Also, they reassure the patient of the relatives.

  • 8

    Thank You for the reassuring words.

  • 9

    That has to add to the sense of reassurance.

  • 10

    The girl reassured her siblings.