To reap is to harvest. When you reap the crops that you have planted, you get the benefits of the work that you have done.

  • The farmer was reaping the benefits of his hard work by getting a good harvest.

  • The benefits of the new law will be reaped by the people in the next few years.

Definition of reaped


To cut (for example a grain) with a sickle, scythe, or reaping machine


To gather (e.g. a harvest) by cutting.


To obtain or receive as a reward, in a good or a bad sense.


To terminate a child process that has previously exited, thereby removing it from the process table.


To deprive of the beard; to shave.

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Example Sentences for reaped

  • 1

    They were reaping the leaves on the street.

  • 2

    Unfortunately, the band was not to reap the benefits.

  • 3

    But the majority of anglers reap all the benefits of fishing.

  • 4

    His generation would be the first to reap the benefits.

  • 5

    But the migrants themselves often reap few benefits in the deal.

  • 6

    The project is starting reap some reward in the translation section.

  • 7

    Often the best films aren't the ones that reap all the awards.

  • 8

    The company can now begin to reap the benefits of the multinational economy.

  • 9

    Though the country prospered, the Burmese people failed to reap the rewards.

  • 10

    He liked the thriller aspect of the Reaping script above the horror aspect.