To reanimate something is to bring it back to life. This can be done by using magic, science, or some other method.

  • The magician tried to reanimate the pet dinosaur, but it didn't work.

  • The scientist tried to reanimate the dead mouse, but it didn't work.

Definition of reanimate


give new life or energy to


animate, quicken, recreate, renovate, repair, revive, revivify, vivify

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Example Sentences for reanimate

  • 1

    He manages to reanimate a corpse.

  • 2

    It has been reanimated, as befitting for the undead.

  • 3

    He manages to reanimate an arm and a corpse.

  • 4

    They don't die and can be reanimated at any point.

  • 5

    Why I am accused to reanimate that discussion

  • 6

    Kabuto can even temporarily reanimate a corpse for use.

  • 7

    The woman who dies of a gunshot does not in fact reanimate.

  • 8

    Am I some sort of policy zombie, trying to reanimate this thing

  • 9

    Bud runs to inform Sarah of the situation, when all the infected reanimate.

  • 10

    If body has been damaged, zombie will reanimate in a short period of time.