Reality is the actual physical world that we live in. It's the world that we see and feel with our senses.

  • The reality of the situation is that he will be fired.

  • The reality of the situation is that she won't be allowed to go to the party.

Definition of realities


all of your experiences that determine how things appear to you




the state of being actual or real


realism, realness


the quality possessed by something that is real


the state of the world as it really is rather than as you might want it to be

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Example Sentences for realities

  • 1

    In the reality of the show, the 'goofs' happen in virtual reality.

  • 2

    The virtual reality world in the game and in the story was called the Matrix.

  • 3

    It was an unshakable reality and truth that went deep into my bones.

  • 4

    Moreover, the same reality may be considered as actuality or potentiality.

  • 5

    It is to confuse the reality for the interpretation of the reality.

  • 6

    You cannot shove truth down a gorilla's throat, but can inundate him with reality.

  • 7

    It's the reality of the situation.

  • 8

    That is the science and the reality.

  • 9

    That's the reality of the situation.

  • 10

    That's the reality of the world.