To reactivate something is to make it active again. When you reactivate a computer, you make it work again.

  • The computer was reactivated after it had been frozen by the virus.

  • The company reactivated the old website after it had been abandoned for years.

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Example Sentences for reactivate

  • 1

    This is the reactive part of the algorithm.

  • 2

    The reactive type of angioendotheliomatosis is uncommon.

  • 3

    In Scientology there is the reactive mind and the analytical mind.

  • 4

    Some dogs are not that reactive towards people.

  • 5

    Halogens are reactive enough to for diatomic molecules.

  • 6

    The method of the formation of the power is the reactive power.

  • 7

    In the reactive application, TBBPA is bound chemically to the polymers.

  • 8

    The oxidizer is the other reactive one of the chemical reaction.

  • 9

    The reactive centrifugal force applies to the car door.

  • 10

    The thymus and the precursors of antigen reactive cells are needed.