To ravel is to unravel or to pull apart piece by piece. When you ravel a rug, you are pulling the fibers out of the rug.

  • The rug was raveled by the dog when he was playing.

  • The rope was raveled by the wind.

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Example Sentences for raveling

  • 1

    What ravels the matter

  • 2

    It is not always bad to ravel things.

  • 3

    The Doctor is beginning to ravel the mystery.

  • 4

    How did it ravel eventually

  • 5

    Because of her comment, the case was raveled.

  • 6

    Sorry that I raveled things worse.

  • 7

    Eventually, the arbcom had to ravel the mess.

  • 8

    The problem has raveled as the time goes by.

  • 9

    Does ravel and unravel mean the same thing

  • 10

    Does ravel and unravel mean the sqame thing