Rattlesnakes are a type of snake that can be very dangerous. They have a rattle on their tail that helps them scare away their prey.

  • Rattlesnakes are usually very shy, but they can be dangerous if they're provoked.

  • There was a lot of noise coming from the rattlesnake, which was scaring the birds away.

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    The rattlesnake is the only venomous snake in California.

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    The only known poisonous snake in the wilderness is the rattlesnake.

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    Worst of them is the rattlesnake.

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    Most rattlesnakes mate in the spring.

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    One of the first images in the film is of a rattlesnake.

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    The name of the city means rattlesnake in Portuguese.

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    In the summer, the Great Basin rattlesnake may be spotted.

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    Rattlesnake and pheasant are on the menu, as well as elk and venison.

  • 9

    Struggs chases the scorpion outside and is startled by the rattlesnake.

  • 10

    He's neither a rattlesnake nor a remorseless bully.