To ration something is to distribute it in a way that is fair and reasonable. When there is a shortage of something, people have to ration it in order to make sure that everyone has enough.

  • The company is rationing the food so that everyone has enough.

  • The government is rationing the oil so that everyone has enough.

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    Rationalizing radicals in the denominator.

  • 2

    The above rationalization is funny.

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    The amount of the ration is decreased.

  • 4

    The claim is not a proof but a rationalization.

  • 5

    It was not merely rationalism in the Ingersolian sense.

  • 6

    Let's stick with the rational and the factual.

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    Not that I need to rationalize the existence of it.

  • 8

    Rationalism is based on the individual's courage.

  • 9

    She is good at rationalizing herself.

  • 10

    Stick to the points of the discussion and be rational.