To be rapt is to be deeply absorbed in something. When you are rapt in a movie, you are so involved in the story that you don't notice anything else around you.

  • She was rapt in the movie, paying no attention to her surroundings.

  • He was rapt in the conversation, not paying any attention to the other people in the room.

Definition of rapt


feeling great rapture or delight


ecstatic, enraptured, rapturous, rhapsodic

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Example Sentences for rapt

  • 1

    That is the look of rapt.

  • 2

    People are rapt with the movie.

  • 3

    Finally, the writing is a little rapt for me.

  • 4

    The crowd are rapt and greet him enthusiastically.

  • 5

    There was no laughter, no smiles, and rapt, silent attention.

  • 6

    All the people heard him with rapt attention.

  • 7

    I was reading your user page with rapt attention.

  • 8

    Jimmy is portrayed rapt in conversation with a colourfully dressed gypsy woman.

  • 9

    He watches the Apu trilogy on successive nights in a state of rapt absorption.

  • 10

    He would serve them and listen to their religious debates with rapt attention.