Rainwater is the water that falls from the sky. It is usually collected in tanks or other containers, and then used to water plants or to supply the water needs of a building.

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    Example Sentences for rainwater

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      The contaminated rainwater seeped into the river.

    • 2

      The contaminated rainwater then seeped into the river.

    • 3

      The impluvium was the shallow pool sunken into the floor to catch the rainwater.

    • 4

      The rainwater is being stored in it.

    • 5

      This river is mainly fed by rainwater.

    • 6

      For two days there was nothing to drink but rainwater.

    • 7

      Resistance to rainwater penetration is also required.

    • 8

      Rainwater collected in tanks and saved for the purpose

    • 9

      Limestone was dissolved by the slightly acidic rainwater.

    • 10

      It does not trap rainwater in its pitcher.