To say that something has rained is to mean that it has poured a lot of water down on the ground. Sometimes people use the word to describe the feeling of sadness or anger.

  • It rained all night, and the ground is still wet.

  • The politician rained insults on his opponent during the debate.

Definition of rained


To have rain fall from the sky.


To fall as or like rain.


To issue (something) in large quantities.


To reign.

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Example Sentences for rained

  • 1

    The droplets then fall to earth as rain, snow, or sleet.

  • 2

    Rain, who filiest the skins, wet our raiment.

  • 3

    As the air's temperature dropped, the rain changed to sleet, and then it snowed.

  • 4

    Rain is rare during the summer months, but the winters are changeable and wet.

  • 5

    Rain, sleet and snow travelled northwards throughout the early hours.

  • 6

    The cloud top is where the snow, rain and sleet come from.

  • 7

    The November and December rains replenish the soil's water reserves.

  • 8

    The vines just suck the rain water in, diluting the grape juice.

  • 9

    Stagnant rain water has lathered the brick and mud work with layers of moss.

  • 10

    The lowland rain forest of Borneo is the richest rain forest in the world.