Raffia is a type of palm tree that is often used to make baskets, hats, and other items. The fibers in the raffia are strong and elastic, which makes it a good choice for these types of products.

    Definition of raffia


    feather palm of tropical Africa and Madagascar and Central and South America widely grown for commercial purposes


    genus raffia, genus raphia, raphia


    leaf fibers of the raffia palm tree; used to make baskets and mats etc.




    fiber of a raffia palm used as light cordage and in making hats and baskets

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    Example Sentences for raffia

    • 1

      The bouquet is often decorated with ribbons or raffia.

    • 2

      Raffia cloth and barkcloth are also utilized in the region.

    • 3

      It used the fibers of the leaves on the raffia palm tree.

    • 4

      Raffia palm also provides an important cultural drink.

    • 5

      Here the straw is not plaited, but tied with yarn, wool, raffia or similar.

    • 6

      Mud is packed between the poles and held in place by the raffia strips.

    • 7

      I didn't say say that raffia had any symbolic meaning.

    • 8

      He earned pocket money by selling raffia to makers of covers for wine bottles.

    • 9

      The most important crop is rice, while another important product is raffia palm.

    • 10

      Fine ribbons, plastic thread, raffia and string can also be used in canvas work.