To quip is to say a joke or to make a witty remark. When someone quips, they are trying to make their comments feel light and fun.

  • He quipped about the weather being terrible, just to make a joke.

  • She quipped about how she was going to kill him, just to make a joke.

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Example Sentences for quipped

  • 1

    Some of the jokes are short quips.

  • 2

    There were numerous versions of the quip.

  • 3

    Buffy with the save, and the incredible lame quip.

  • 4

    I do not approve of the quip at all.

  • 5

    Forms of wit include the quip and repartee.

  • 6

    He has the ability to quip in Latin.

  • 7

    It is a quip about the reputation lawyers have for thievery.

  • 8

    Thanks for the compliment, and also for the feedback about my quip.

  • 9

    The misinterpretation gave way to my brief quip to you.

  • 10

    The quip was a jest, and I poked the same fun at myself.