Quicksand is a type of sand that is very soft and easy to sink into. It is often found in wet areas, and it can be very dangerous if you are not careful.

  • The child was caught in the quicksand and was unable to get out.

  • The quicksand was so soft that it was easy to sink into it.

Definition of quicksand


a pit filled with loose wet sand into which objects are sucked down


a treacherous situation that tends to entrap and destroy

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Example Sentences for quicksand

  • 1

    The quicksand feeling is most disturbing.

  • 2

    The valley was formed by the large quicksand.

  • 3

    There are also areas of quicksand close to the harbour.

  • 4

    There, both the monster and Niemann drown in quicksand.

  • 5

    Also near the bogs is an area of natural quicksand.

  • 6

    The beach also has areas of unmarked quicksand.

  • 7

    The mouther can move unimpaired through the quicksand.

  • 8

    The valley of the latter forms large quicksand plains.

  • 9

    Sylvain died in quicksand a short distance from the shore.

  • 10

    Sylvain died in quicksand, a short distance from the shore.