Quantified means that something has been measured or calculated in some way. When you say that something is quantified, you are saying that you can measure or calculate it.

  • The data was quantified by counting the number of emails that were sent.

  • The data was quantified by measuring the size of the room.

Definition of quantified




Used as a quantifier


To assign a quantity to.


To determine the value of (a variable or expression).

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Example Sentences for quantified

  • 1

    A measurement of the distortion quantifies the number of broken wires.

  • 2

    The mind is observable, measurable, quantifiable and significant.

  • 3

    The net amount of regeneration to the area is not easy to quantify.

  • 4

    It is difficult to quantify the number of atheists in the world.

  • 5

    The Theil index is an entropy measure used to quantify inequities.

  • 6

    Water is quantifiable.

  • 7

    The answer's obvious, but not quantifiable.

  • 8

    Is this sort of thing even quantifiable

  • 9

    The cost for this to the public is not easy to quantify.

  • 10

    The difference is quantifiable I think.