Quadriplegia is a condition in which a person has lost the ability to move their arms, legs, and neck. This means that they are unable to do anything except for breathe and eat.

  • He was in a coma for six months after he was quadriplegic from a car accident.

  • quadriplegia is a very rare condition, and it usually only occurs in very young children.

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    The quadriplegia dissipates once the patient lays supine.

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    The result was merge and redirect to Quadriplegia.

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    Especially with something as relatively obscure as quadriplegia.

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    Quadriplegia is the common american term for the condition.

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    Quadriplegia can be a cause of restrictive lung disease.

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    Quadriplegia is simply paraplegia of all four limbs.

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    This could mean the subject would no longer be condemned to quadriplegia.

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    Yes, a 30 month old girl with spastic quadriplegia.

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    A common problem with children suffering from quadriplegia is fluid buildup.