To prowl is to move around searchingly. You might prowl through your belongings in a hurry, or you might prowl through a dark alley looking for someone.

  • The animal was prowling around, looking for a chance to attack.

  • The police are prowling the area, looking for anyone who might have information about the crime.

Definition of prowl


loiter about, with no apparent aim




move about in or as if in a predatory manner


the act of prowling (walking about in a stealthy manner)

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Example Sentences for prowl

  • 1

    I growl and prowl through the night.

  • 2

    When he's trying to be sneaky, he's got the sly squint of a thief on the prowl.

  • 3

    Henry Morgan, the notorious Welsh freebooter, had prowled so many years before.

  • 4

    Most cards with prowl have an additional effect if cast for their prowl cost.

  • 5

    Masem should be more on the prowl.

  • 6

    The thought police are on the prowl in wikipedia

  • 7

    Glad to see that you are always on the prowl.

  • 8

    He prowls Pandemonium and the Abyss at random.

  • 9

    He's out on the prowl for men's souls.

  • 10

    Prowl appeared in the series by IDW Publishing.