To propel something is to push or move it forward. A rocket propels itself forward by using a fuel that is stored inside the rocket.

  • The rocket propelled itself into the sky.

  • The boat was propelled forward by the current.

Definition of propels


give an incentive for action


actuate, incite, motivate, move, prompt


cause to move forward with force



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Example Sentences for propels

  • 1

    The photon propulsion unit is used to propel the rocket.

  • 2

    Rocket propellants are chemicals used in rockets for propulsive purposes.

  • 3

    The idler gear drives a ring gear disposed about the propeller.

  • 4

    The sail converts the wind into the force necessary to propel the craft.

  • 5

    The engine propelled the ship.

  • 6

    The main concern is the propellant.

  • 7

    This is independent of the actual propellants.

  • 8

    This is the launch mass of propellant.

  • 9

    He knows the propellant of a plane.

  • 10

    The bowstring is then freed to propel the arrow.