To procure something is to find or buy it. If you want to buy a new car, you need to procure one.

  • The store was unable to procure the model that they wanted.

  • The police are trying to procure the suspect.

Definition of procuring


To acquire or obtain.


To obtain a person as a prostitute for somebody else.


To induce or persuade someone to do something.


To contrive; to bring about; to effect; to cause.


To solicit; to entreat.


To cause to come; to bring; to attract.

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Example Sentences for procuring

  • 1

    It is used for the procurement and production of technical publications.

  • 2

    Government procurement in the United States is official.

  • 3

    The procurement of suitable staff is to operate the machine.

  • 4

    It was the only way I could procure the username.

  • 5

    Procedure for the procurement from the domestic tariff area.

  • 6

    He managed to procure the freedom of five of these prisoners.

  • 7

    He was the man in charge of the procurement of comfort women.

  • 8

    Hussman also worked to procure newsprint for the military.

  • 9

    The WTO wants to procure it but the Order wants to destroy it.

  • 10

    The executive director was authorized to procure the necessary resources.