Pricking is a sensation that you might feel when you are touched or scratched by something sharp. It's often a sign that the thing that is touching you is sharp.

  • The thorn was pricking my skin.

  • The needle was pricking my skin.

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Example Sentences for pricking

  • 1

    The antagonistic pricks who you have learned to hate in the movie.

  • 2

    I'm trying to do it right, but I am by nature a mordant, sarcastic prick.

  • 3

    Hey, if you're going to be a prick, then I'll be a prick.

  • 4

    The test is often done as a pin prick or needle prick.

  • 5

    Prick with a needle occasionally.

  • 6

    Sorry to be a lousy prick on this.

  • 7

    And of being an obsessive prick.

  • 8

    And that's not because i'm a prick.

  • 9

    With a porcupine, the pricks are on the outside...

  • 10

    Hypocrite, you're being a prick.