When someone is possessive, they are too demanding or jealous. They often don't let others do or have anything that they want.

  • He is possessive, which is why he won't let me touch the toy.

  • She is possessive, which is why she won't let us borrow the book.

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Example Sentences for possessiveness

  • 1

    They enshrined the possessions.

  • 2

    The people divested the possessions.

  • 3

    Alienable and inalienable possession is distinguished.

  • 4

    At the time, the sandal was a possession of the crown.

  • 5

    Cecily is the first to possess the book.

  • 6

    Print the possessive form on the line.

  • 7

    That is, humans possess sapience uniquely.

  • 8

    He possesses the totem of the Fox.

  • 9

    He possesses the totem of the Wolf.

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    Fill in the blank with the correct possessive.