When two objects are in contact with each other, they create a sound called pong. This sound is usually very small, but it can be very loud when two objects are close to each other.

  • The ball and the net created a loud pong when they were put together.

  • The sound of the pong was so loud that I couldn't hear the music.

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    Slam pong is a form of beer pong.

  • 2

    There is a variation on ping pong called Chinese ping pong.

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    GDX slam pong was a variant known as environmental slam pong.

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    Pong might be an example of this.

  • 5

    As the name suggests, fast pong happens at a faster pace than lob pong.

  • 6

    In the lobby there was a ping pong table.

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    Pong is identified in a television report.

  • 8

    Such is the ridiculous game of ping pong.

  • 9

    It is played on a ping pong table.

  • 10

    This was the beginning of Street ping pong.