To be policed is to be guarded or protected by someone. The police are usually policed by the public, who wants them to protect them from crime.

  • The streets were policed by the police.

  • The government policed the borders.

Definition of policed


To enforce the law and keep order among (a group).


To clean up an area.


To enforce norms or standards upon.

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Example Sentences for policed

  • 1

    That is the job of the police, and the courts.

  • 2

    The purpose is to formalize cooperation between the police and school and college authorities regarding security and prevention of crimes.

  • 3

    The riots were caused by a distrust of the police and authority.

  • 4

    The Chief of Personnel saw the police and security functions as complementary.

  • 5

    The force is under the local oversight of the Wiltshire Police Authority.

  • 6

    The Police Chief of the district is the Superintendent of Police.

  • 7

    Lou is the police sergeant and a competent officer of the Springfield Police.

  • 8

    Are the police inferior to the military

  • 9

    Police are probing the incident.

  • 10

    Police is looking for a runaway.