Poetically means in a beautiful or romantic way. When you say that something is poetically beautiful, you mean that it is full of beauty and emotion.

  • The sunset was poetically beautiful.

  • The speaker described the event poetically, which made it seem even more beautiful.

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Example Sentences for poetically

  • 1

    Work on poetics before start writing.

  • 2

    It reflects his aptness of writing poetic drama.

  • 3

    She learned how to write poetics in school.

  • 4

    The style and metrical handling betray a novice in poetical writing.

  • 5

    It was a poetical and sacerdotal expression.

  • 6

    His letters are poetic.

  • 7

    The lyrics are enigmatic and poetic.

  • 8

    He directs the group of poetics.

  • 9

    The film is an example of the poetic realism.

  • 10

    The novel is written in a poetic diction.