Poaching is the act of stealing someone else's prey. When you poaching, you're taking something that does not belong to you.

  • The poacher was caught poaching in a protected area.

  • Poaching is a major problem in the marine industry, because it's illegal to take the fish that belong to other people.

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    The fish is poached and then flaked.

  • 2

    Poach the required number of eggs.

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    The poaching menace was dramatically reduced.

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    I'm a big fan of the poached pear.

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    Poaching of the sloth is extremely minimal on the island.

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    She learned how to poach poultry.

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    I decided to poach a chicken and see.

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    What's the best way to poach an egg

  • 9

    This is the spicy aubergine and tomato with poached eggs recipe.

  • 10

    Target will poach sales from rival Canadian retailers.