To ply (verb) is to use (something) frequently. You might ply your friend with drinks in order to make her drunk.

  • He was plied with alcohol all night long, and he still felt the effects the next day.

  • She plied him with questions all day long, trying to get information out of him.

Definition of plied


To bend; to fold; to mould; to adapt, to modify; to change (a person's) mind, to cause (a person) to submit.


To bend, to flex; to be bent by something, to give way or yield (to a force, etc.).


To work at (something) diligently.


To wield or use (a tool, a weapon, etc.) steadily or vigorously.


To press upon; to urge persistently.


To persist in offering something to, especially for the purpose of inducement or persuasion.


To travel over (a route) regularly.


To work diligently.


To manoeuvre a sailing vessel so that the direction of the wind changes from one side of the vessel to the other; to work to windward, to beat, to tack.

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Example Sentences for plied

  • 1

    It was the last steamboat to ply the river.

  • 2

    Buses ply to various parts of the state.

  • 3

    The strands leave the wheel and ply together.

  • 4

    Fishermen ply the 'Green Canal' in search of shellfish.

  • 5

    Dozens of steamers ply between the different towns on the lake.

  • 6

    The Sierra Madre and the Genesis Bus Companies ply this route.

  • 7

    The two women ply to trade their goods on the streets of Madrid.

  • 8

    Riverboats from the Pacific Northwest headed north to ply the trade.

  • 9

    Several buses ply between the major cities and towns of the state.

  • 10

    A second ply of tire cord fabric is superimposed upon the first ply.